Online Brand Publicists Concede to the Importance of Twitter Book Marketing

Online brand publicist knows that as one of the independent authors who would like to promote your book, you have probably taken steps to market it online. However, of all the social media networking and bookmarking sites to aid your online author platform – Twitter is a must to be considered.

A Whole New Level of Networking

Researches have shown that among the existing social media accounts, Twitter is popular for it is used as a real-time news network and updates for many users. Aside from this, on Twitter, you can customize your news feed by following the users that share your interests. Following a hashtag and news on Twitter is also easier with Twitter’s customization and algorithm.

Twitter Create Brand Awareness

In this fast-paced industry, branding is very important, that’s why authors like you should open their arms to the possibilities of a good branding. Good content can go viral, especially on Twitter, you have to create the postings and unique hashtag that best describe you as an author and your book. Your content must be compelling for it to be shareable online. As you create and build your brand Twitter is a good place to start since it is a great channel to help you reach out to the maximum number of your target audience. Retweet feature can also work wonders in spreading out the news about your book and creating brand awareness for you as an author.

Drives Readers’ Engagement

Readers today would like to have an access to what’s happening with their favorite author and book. Once they can follow you on Twitter they will be updated on the events that you will be joining, newly released books and any news that is important to you as well as to them. As you share on Twitter it’s easier for them to comment, retweet and send you a message. Engage through your tweets to your readers and you will be amazed at how this will benefit you!

Boost You on SERPs

With a piece of good content, your book can go viral and relevant. You can always link your Twitter account on your website to drive traffic to it. You can also try an ad on Twitter as it is worthy of the price that you will be paying. By doing this right in both your social media accounts and website will receive tons of unique visits – this will then increase your rank on search engines.

Provides Analytics & Research

As you can observe, Twitter now provides analytics to its users. On its analytics, you can see the summary of your tweets over a specific period of time. This is very important because it allows you to see how your tweets are being perceived by your target audience – this will be your guide on how to enhance your content. On this analytics, you can see your Tweet Impressions, Profile Visits, Mentions, and Followers new number. Make use of these data to enhance your reader engagement and the quality of your contents.

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