OUTSTRIP LLC and our whole team will do our best to fulfill your Marketing and/or Publishing needs. It is very valuable to us to meet your expectations, but it is also important to have things written down so that both of us, The Service Provider (OUTSTRIP) and you, The Client knows what is the extent of the purchased service, its scheduled completion, and other important details that are crucial for our harmonious business relationship. OUTSTRIP honors all its clients by delivering what you have chosen and purchased from us. This Refund Policy Agreement is made to serve both of us now and in the future – as we have no desire to trick you into purchasing and paying for something that you might later regret.


You have all the right to ask and know the details of your purchased service. You need to clearly communicate your opinions, wants, needs and what you expect us to do/deliver. OUTSTRIP in return will give you an agreement that states the deliverable and agreed payment options and/or methods before and/or upon the service started and/or met. You accept the Payment Policy of OUTSTRIP known as 60% and 40% scheme. You have to give 60% of the total amount of your purchased service before the production starts. The rest of the 40% will be given upon the completion of the service. By signing to this agreement, it means that you have agreed to this payment scheme. You will coordinate with our Fulfillment officer to learn the details and updates of your chosen service. If you have changed your mind under any circumstances and you would like to discontinue the service the following Refund Policy will apply:

(A) 10 days upon ordering/paying the service you will get 85% of the total amount that you paid.

(B) 20 days upon purchasing the service you will get 65% of your total amount paid.

(C) 30 days upon purchasing the service you will get 25% of your total payment.

(D) 35 days and beyond upon purchasing the service, you will get NO REFUND if you have decided to discontinue and/or stop the whole service.

These Refund Policy will both apply to all Marketing and/or Publishing services that you purchased from OUTSTRIP.

Service Provider: We have agreed to deliver the services that you have in trusted us to provide. In line with the Refund Policy Agreement you have all the rights to request and/or appeal for a 100% REFUND if OUTSTRIP failed to give you any updates, calls, emails and other forms of communication after 90 days and beyond by the date that you have made your specified 65% or more of the total amount payment of your chosen service. Upon signing this Refund Policy Agreement made between YOU, The Client and OUTSTRIP, The Service Provider, you have read and agreed the Terms and Conditions of the payment/s you have made upon our offered service/s.